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My name is Jon. For my "grown-up" career, I apply and sell engineered systems for heavy machinery. Basically, I work with companies that produce big-boy toys. In my job I use a lot of math to properly apply systems. I use math to figure out tractive effort on a tracked machine, or to determine the amount of horsepower required to run a winch.

About 3 years ago, I was visiting with a customer who was having problems with one of their machines. I spent a few hours with him describing the mathematics that are used to determine the amount of torque he would need to move his machine up a slope. After all that time, he never really grasped what I was telling him. On my way home, I thought it would be so much easier if I could just show him a website that he could plug in a few numbers and it would spit out the answer he was seeking. That is where the proverbial ball started rolling....

One thought lead to another. By the time I got home, I had decided that I was going to learn more about creating websites, and I was going to create a website of online calculators that could be used by students, or professionals, in their daily math struggles.

In June of 2011, I went live with my first attempt at an online calculator website. It was called CalcuNation. I quickly started learning more about search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Over the course of two years, the website went through 3 major changes to navigation and graphics, and more than 200 calculators were live on the site. I was averaging about 1,300 unique visitors per day.

The adventure I had with CalcuNation inspired me to do some side work on other websites. My wife and I started a little LLC called Selwyn Marketing and Media. My wife is a commercial property marketing manager and I help with some of her events. It seemed natural that we would start a small business to help organize our entrepreneurial efforts.

While I work on other types of websites, I still have a drive to improve on my original idea. So, in the spirit of my original intentions set forth 3 years ago, I have decided to take all that I have learned so far, and i have applied it to a new online calculator website. A website with easier navigation, better graphics, new calculators, and even calculator widgets that users can add to their own websites and blogs. This is how got it's start.

I hope you find the content of this website useful and perhaps you will share with others in the webosphere.

Thank You,